Welcome to Hamgee University Press, publishing the books of M T McGuire.

M T McGuire’s stuff is a mash of genres, mostly it’s humorous science fiction, but with a fantasy plot, based in a dystopian parallel universe. There are more than one sentient species so not everyone is actual human. I dunno … think StarWars with better jokes or maybe, Douglas Adams meets James Bond or even Narnia with lasers. The flagship, K’Barthan Series, is a twist on the standard chosen-one style fantasy plot but there are aforementioned lasers … and flying cars. The hero is a coward whose aversion to danger makes him one of the nation’s best getaway drivers, there’s an evil dictator who must be overthrown … oh and it’s portal fantasy … and a love story … in places.

M T McGuire, is a middle-aged female nerd and she got bored with reading stories that other people had already made and seeing films that are remakes of something she loved when she was a kid, done not quite as well second time round. As a Brit she got bored with the fact that everything in films always happens in the USA or in a very American way. She hankered for something a bit more Whovian or Potterish where the action was set somewhere else in the world than the USA.

McGuire loves reading and her favourite authors are Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Like many of us, she wishes there were more Adams books and misses waiting for the new Pratchett book, and reading stuff with that sense of humour. But neither Douglas Adams, nor Sir Terry are going to be writing any more books, so in the absence of the real deal, McGuire has resigned herself to the fact that the pale imitations she constructs are the closest thing she’s got. 

Writing is fun. McGuire is happy enough with the results of her efforts, and while they may not be remotely Adamsian, or as Pratchettesque as she hoped, they’re definitely unique. She wrote them for herself, after all, and she likes them, so if anyone else does, that’s gravy. 

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