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OK so I’ve been wondering what to do with the blog bit for a while. In these days of AI, with generative search on the horizon it looks as if a blog might be useful. If I can keep it relevant to what I do. It’s a big if and to that end, I’ll keep up the personal blog at

However, there is a suggestion that with the advent of generative AI we may achieve a small dawn, before they learn how to shittify it for money, when AI assist brings people back the results they actually ask for from search engines, rather than the best advertised results that most closely fit their query. In theory, if I write about what I do accurately enough people who want to read this kind of thing may find it. But also, if you’re a reader and you are intersted and wondering where all this stuff comes from, or … you know … why, it might be useful to you too. Know what you’re letting yourself in for and all that.

So that’s what I think I’ll do. Over the weeks, I’ll discuss my writing; why I write, what I write and what my inspiration is. I’ll probably talk a bit about marketing my books too and discuss what I might do and where I’m going with that. I’m aware I’ll be talking to myself. This’ll be an echo chamber at best but that’s OK. Somewhere to hash out my ideas is good and if I do it here in pretend public, then, in theory, I can keep myself accountable.


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M T McGuire checks every unfimilar wardrobe she encounters for a gateway to Narnia. She hasn't found one so far but she lives in hope.

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