What is eyebombing? Find out in my next book available RIGHT NOW on Kickstarter.

Eyebomb, Therefore I Am on Kickstarter

Yep! My eyebombing book is now live on Kickstarter and you have until 22nd February to grab yourself a copy … you know … if you want one. Otherwise, in case you didn’t know here’s a bit more about what eyebombing is.

What is eyebombing? OK. Seriously?

Eyebombing is the art, if that’s the right word, of humanising the street … with peel and stick googly eyes. I’ve been doing it since 2012, as a way of still being creative when I lack the time or capacity to write proper books. I photographed each one and now have 4,000 pictures of things with googly eyes stuck on them. Some are funnier than others. I started using them on social media where I needed to ask a question and thought I should add a picture. I did this so there was some vague, outside chance of those posts being shown to anyone at all to make the post more interesting. Over the years, various people have asked me if there was a photo book in the offing. However, after looking into it, I discovered that:

a) The prospect was far too prohibitively expensive as I couldn’t produce a decent book for an end price that was anywhere close to a cost a normal person was likely to pay.
b) I couldn’t afford indesign.
c) I’d have to learn DTP

As a result, for many years, about ten to be precise, I ignored the frequent requests to make a photo book. But people kept on asking, so now I’ve given in, if only to shut them up. Eyebomb, Therefore I Am is the result. Yes! I’ve learned DTP and while I still can’t produce the book for a price that anyone is remotely interested in paying, I’m afraid, I’ll be launching it on Kickstarter, the campaign runs until 22nd February, 2024. Here’s what the book is going to look like … with cat, for scale, because I didn’t have a double decker bus or a banana to hand.

Picture showing the photo book for sale via this page

Sniff test pass? Check.

As you can see, it’s going to be a square hardback book, with a dust jacket, chock full of ritzy pictures; over 125 of them … So that’s grand.

I’ve uploaded a handful of photos to a gallery, feel free to have a look … and yes, that is the Grand Plaza in Sienna up there on the header. Eyebombed a world heritage site #sorrynotsorry … and this bun.

If you are interested and want to be kept up to date about my eyebombing activities feel free to join my spam-free eyebombing newsletter. You can do that by going here. Otherwise you can click on orange button under the picture, below, to see the Kickstarter and find out more!

Eyebomb, Therefore I Am on Kickstarter



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