New book launch pending! Woot!

At last!

Here are some exciting updates for you. Mmm. Some of life feels a bit like this …

Car on crane


Yes, as if I am hanging vertiginously from a piece of string thirty feet above a car park … well … you know … metaphorically. Why? Because I have a new book launching soon! Blimey oh-reilly but I do. Fuck knows how but yes, it seems to be happening.

Eyebomb, Therefore I Am approaching publication.

Eyebomb, Therefore I Am

Lordy me but what have I done? As you know … probably … I’ve been tinkering with the idea of producing an eyebombing photobook for some years now. Well … not exactly, it’s more that people have been asking and I’ve been telling them to sod off because a) printing photo books costs more than anyone is willing to pay, b)I’m a bit shit at DTP and c) because I couldn’t afford InDesign.

But then I discovered Affinity, indeed God Bless Affinity Suite and all who sail in her. I paid £150 to actually own the software, you know, like in the old days, without any of that subscription bollocks.

So now, like a chump, I’ve given in.

Yes. I learned it. I learned fucking DTP to do this, I must be chuffing crazy. Well no, we know that. But long and the short of this is, I have made the book and—God help me—I have put the kickstarter on preview, provisionally going live on 18th November.

Picture of books about eyebombing displayed artfullyYes. I’m doing a kickstarter at the same time as there is a craptonne of Mum stuff going down. I am clearing out our house, clearing out my childhood home because there is no cash, and chasing up the company who are supposed to be doing Mum’s continuing care application who do nothing unless I prompt them. I must be a fucking masochist.

OK, so that launch date may extend because I haven’t finished the video yet, and the funding tiers are still a bit Meh and I only have about 8 hours between than and now to do all these things … but I’m closer than before. I have a script and a plan for the vid and it seems to be OK… gulp.


So if you are one of the people who enjoys the eyebombing stuff I post on social media, my other blog, etc feel free to have a look.

Eyebomb, Therefore I Am

If you are not one of those people, but still want to help, and I fully appreciate that you may not, but … you know … if you do … feel free to pop over to the Kickstarter page and share it to your social media platform of choice.

Also, if you do Kickstarter and you think the book might be your bag, you can follow the campaign and then if you want to buy a copy, it’ll will automatically notify you when it goes live.  I’ve tried to throw in digital stuff for those who don’t wish to pay postage and also I’ve done post cards and everyone who buys one of the physical tiers gets a mystery bonus.

I have dedicated the book to my lovely friends Jon and Nancy, because Jon died in February, which was, frankly, a bit of a shitter for all of us but especially for Nance so I thought this might make her smile.

That’s about it … here’s the kickstarter link if you’re interested:

M T McGuire

M T McGuire checks every unfimilar wardrobe she encounters for a gateway to Narnia. She hasn't found one so far but she lives in hope.


  1. I didn’t have another way to contact you, sorry. I’ve lost my copy of Night Swimming. I was on your email list a while ago, not sure if I still am lol. I tried to get it again from your page but no email arrived from you. Also, will you be writing more about the Pan? I hope so 🙏

    • Hellooooo!

      I will definitely be writing more about The Pan. There’s also a kind of backstory thing developing which follows everyone else as they try to look after him without letting on. I think you may have fallen off my mailing list. It’s doing weird things at the moment and I fear that I may have to move to another provider which will be rather hard going. I’ve added you on though so you should get a January email newsletter from me soon.

      Oh no wait! Hang on! I think you may have changed your email address. OK so I’ve added you and asked it to do the whole automation thing again so you should be able to download Night Swimming … fingers crossed.

      Hope you are well!

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