Well … that was a bit of a thing.

The eyebombing kickstarter has funded.

So that’s a) grand and b) a hell of a thing. I’m a bit thrown because I did NOT expect that. Turns out I pressed the button to make it live at 10.00 am and it was funded in 3 hours. I’m absolutely made up. And surprised. Very, very surprised.

Also, it’s a lot of my friends. My friends don’t always buy my books. I mean some do, but it’s a very specific handful. This … this is more than that handful. So it feels like a complete reversal of the usual norms … go figure. So first up, thank you to everyone who bought a copy. You are officially smashing. And second. Squeeeeeeee!

Two ear buds with eyes stuck on them so they look like little critters

What next for the eyebombing kickstarter?

I have no clue. I might try a stretch goal but I’m not sure what that could be and anyway, it’s early days, some people might well change their minds and it would be sad if we hit the goal and then dipped back under. Do I sound cautious to you? Yes. I am cautious. But this is not quite real. Seriously. This sort of stuff doesn’t usually happen for me. Normally I do something and I think it’s incredibly commercial and bound to sell well and it then proceeds to sink, unseen and unremarked upon, to the murky depths of anonymity, more often than not, without so much as a peep from any paying customers.

So thank you to all the lovely fans of eyebombing and street art who have popped out of the woodwork to buy my deluxe hardback book. For the next two weeks of the campaign I will post the occasional update to let folks know how it’s going. I’ll bung the odd silly picture on social media, the way I originally intended because I may as well and I know people quite often drop pledges on Kickstarter so just because it’s funded now, it doesn’t mean it will be funded at the end.

But on the whole … woot.

And also … thank you. 🙂

M T McGuire

M T McGuire checks every unfimilar wardrobe she encounters for a gateway to Narnia. She hasn't found one so far but she lives in hope.

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