All The Pan of Hamgee wants is to stay out of trouble. Problem is, he’s rubbish at it.

Douglas Adams meets James Bond … sort of

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Read by Gareth Davies

When trouble comes knocking, meet the one man dumb enough to answer the door

After stealing one of the best meat pies he’s ever eaten, and returning a small lost boy home, The Pan of Hamgee should feel smug. But somehow all these things do is make him miss his own family more. In a moment of very poor judgement, he decides to end it all. But The Pan should know by now that few things he plans ever turn out the way he expects.


‘Low key satire, humor and a touch of the dark, and a pie that makes me hungry just from reading about it.

As an introduction to a new world, this is probably as good as it gets. The book was for free and it made me hunger for more, mission accomplished.’ – Henrik on Goodreads (August 2020)