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  1. I didn’t have another way to contact you, sorry. I’ve lost my copy of Night Swimming. I was on your email list a while ago, not sure if I still am lol. I tried to get it again from your page but no email arrived from you. Also, will you be writing more about the Pan? I hope so 🙏

    • Hellooooo!

      I will definitely be writing more about The Pan. There’s also a kind of backstory thing developing which follows everyone else as they try to look after him without letting on. I think you may have fallen off my mailing list. It’s doing weird things at the moment and I fear that I may have to move to another provider which will be rather hard going. I’ve added you on though so you should get a January email newsletter from me soon.

      Oh no wait! Hang on! I think you may have changed your email address. OK so I’ve added you and asked it to do the whole automation thing again so you should be able to download Night Swimming … fingers crossed.

      Hope you are well!