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If you’d like to be kept up to date with M T McGuire’s eyebombing books and activity, just click here to join the EyebombThereforeIam mailing group.

OK, so, if you sign up, I’m going to assume you want to hear from me and will send you emails, I may even send a series of emails, but I doubt it’ll be more than a couple each month unless something serious is going on. Obviously, I have no intention spamming you and I certainly won’t be selling your details, because that would make me a douchebag.

When I have set it all up, my plan is to give you something for joining. This will, most likely, be a series of emails, each containing a specific eyebomb and the story behind it. At the moment I’m thinking about sending them monthly for the first year, so that would be 12 all told. I may do more than that but I reckon monthly gives you more time to look at them and enjoy them without feeling swamped but at the same time, also without forgetting who I am. You will also receive first access to any new or exclusive eyebombing books I publish along with updates and information about author events other books I have coming out etc. I doubt I’ll be cluttering your inbox to be honest but if things do get busy, I’ll try and provide options.

To join, click on the button.

Join the eyebombing mailing group

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