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How not to launch an ebook. The K’Barthan Box Set is out. #Newbooks #KBarthan

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I have a new book out! Oh yes I do.

All I need is Little Nellie! Learning to love #Christmas (and myself).#scrooge

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Christmas. The traditional time of unfulfilled expectations and almost unfailingly the death of a friend or relative. I have to admit that the best bit about Christmas, for me, is the day we get back from whoever we’ve been staying with that year, and I can relax in the knowledge that it’s all over for another 12 months. […]

Secrets of the K’Barthan Series unlocked… and other ideas.

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Techniques for naming characters.

Entrails, Omens, Eggciting News and Eggstraordinary Matters…

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I’ve a new book out! Weeeeee!

How to get fit without trying.

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It’s the time for adventure, the kind of adventure that means I must bicycle very fast from A to B in the early morning, which is, of course, the time when I am least equipped to do so.

Why slow is good for e‑publishing.

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A rather rambling post, in which I share some stats and some news about K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 3

Barren Island Books

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M T McGuire appears at Barren Island Books

Happy New Year. Hung Over?

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Why not blow away the cobwebs with one of Gladys and Ada’s famous cheese and pickle sandwiches? You know, the pickle that’s famed for its chilli heat. No? Suit yourself. But if you are nursing a cup of black coffee with a couple of Alka Seltza in it this morning, if you have the shakes but, at […]

Christmas Bonus

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At least, I hope it is. I’m not talking about the Asterix character I mean a sort of present for you lot, who kindly read this. And it’s an excerpt. So what we have here, unedited, raw, unfinished but reasonably well polished is the first chapter from One Man: No Plan, K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 3.

Hang onto this…

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Strangely, Real Life is relevant to writing fantasy science-fiction…