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How not to launch an ebook. The K’Barthan Box Set is out. #Newbooks #KBarthan

Posted November 18, 2016 and visited 9753 times, 5 so far today

I have a new book out! Oh yes I do.

Is your life a French farce too?

Posted July 19, 2014 and visited 7619 times, 2 so far today

In which I share the farcical nature of life as a fuckwit!

Words With A Fellow Petrolhead

Posted June 23, 2014 and visited 5304 times, 2 so far today

Today I am shooting the breeze with Will Macmillan Jones on his blog.

K’Barthan 3 is out soon… oh yes it is!

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Book 3 of the K’Barthan Trilogy is out in 9 days! Booyacka!

Cover Reveal. K’Barthan Trilogy, Books 3 and 4. Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Trilogy’ and ‘Book 4’.

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Yeeee! K’Barthan Trilogy cover reveal!

This Explains a Lot

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A long and rambling post in which I explain how I come from almost Hogwarts. Phnark

Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everybody.

Monday Author Meetup: MT McGuire

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That’s right folks this week Lyn is interviewing me. Do pop over and have a look. Her blog is full of interesting stuff.

Awards, rewards and stuff…

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I don’t know where to start this morning. Two cool things happened in one day on Sunday. Eee — fans hand in front of face — I’m all teary just thinking about it. The thing is, they’re so different I don’t know how to marry them up into a coherent blog post. Never mind. When have I ever let that sort of thing stop me? Exactly. So here goes.