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This week, I has been mostly reading … #qualityindies #indiereads #books

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Book promos, offers and the latest interesting read I’ve enjoyed.

#ComedyBookWeek starts today!

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A quick heads up about #ComedyBookWeek, in which a group of funny authors take comedy very seriously!

Getting my act together — Guest Post from Jim Webster

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Fellow author Jim Webster drops in to tell us about his latest book.

A free box, an embarrassing parent and over 100 #free #scifi_books!

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This week I have mostly been cheating and taken my blog post from my monthly round robin email, but when you get to the bit about books you’ll understand why because it’s good. This week as McMini and I trundled home from school we noticed a large wooden box in someone’s front garden. It was big, big enough to […]

M T #interview on #radio Suffolk, today.

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Yes, it’s true. If you’d like to share my 15 minutes of local fame with me, I will be on the Lesley Dolphin show this afternoon at about 2.40, or thereabouts. For information about the show and to listen on line, follow these links: To listen live — choose the live link from this page. To listen […]

Press PR. Could I? Should I? M T’s upcoming stall at #BurySt EdmundsChristmasFayre.

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McMini’s latest, as he looked out at the pouring rain and the dark, sub-aqueous sky this morning. “Mummy, I think the sun has decided not to get up this morning and it is hiding under the covers with its underpants over its head, refusing to come out.” Very succinctly put. Naturally a long conversation ensued about the specifications […]

You can #win a #kindle (oh yes you can).

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This probably sums it up.….


Blogging Off Piste and Visiting the Real World.

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Heads up for a guest post over at the Story Reading Ape and a reminder about Saturday’s signing at Diss Publishing bookshop in Diss, Norfolk.

Roll up roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour. Step right this way.…

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There’s another Awesome Indies promo on. They have good books and prizes galore. Here’s some information.

All the Cats and Chicks Can Get Their Kicks at the Hop — Click HERE for the Goodreads Blog Hop.

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Hello, welcome if you haven’t been here before and Merry Christmas or if you don’t do Christmas, please accept some fall-out jollity from another religion/nation’s holiday dispensed with cheerful abandon. 

Some of you may have hopped here from — lots of you, I hope. 

This is actually the exerpt. It is the full post but if you want to enter the competition and comment please click here

OK I’m a bit new to this but there is a free e‑book of Few Are Chosen in whatever format you like and a mug up for grabs for the winner (take your pick). To see the mugs click here. Oh yes, I do merchandise. There should be four to choose from.

So, all you have to do is visit the Few Are Chosen page here or on Amazon, read the blurb and the author biog and then answer the following questions.

1. How old is M T McGuire?
2. What is the name of the main character in Few Are Chosen?
3. What does he end up doing for a living?

OK tie breaker.

If I found a gateway to Narnia in the back of a wardrobe I would…?

Complete the sentence in 10 words or less.

Oh and if you have come here before the end of Boxing Day you can download the Prequel to Few Are chosen from Amazon for free.

It’s called Unlucky Dip and it’s on Amazon UK here or here. Free on both sites until Midnight 26 December US Pacific time.

For the next blog in the hop, I give you the redoutable Lexi Revellian.

Thank you for joining in and just so you have them all here and can visit everyone, here is a list of everyone taking part.