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Smashingly non-expensive books alert!

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A bit of news, some special offers on other sci-fi books and a little bit more from McMini.

I bring you tidings of great joy … probably

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News on current M T projects and some promos of free books. 

Lots of 99c and free books AND a giveaway! #funnybooks #99cbooks #freebooks #giveaway

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Some more giveaways and low price/free book promotions on this week.

Lots of books for no pence… including mine #freeebooks

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Yes! It is on again this weekend. Over 100 FREE ebooks on ALL SITES (wahoo!), not just Amazon.


Just go here and start loading up your e‑reader


A free box, an embarrassing parent and over 100 #free #scifi_books!

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This week I have mostly been cheating and taken my blog post from my monthly round robin email, but when you get to the bit about books you’ll understand why because it’s good. This week as McMini and I trundled home from school we noticed a large wooden box in someone’s front garden. It was big, big enough to […]

Read MTM’s Interview: Win Stuff.

Posted August 28, 2015 and visited 7115 times, 2 so far today

Yes everyone, today is the day when I am interviewed in the Brain to Books blog tour. And it’s a long, long, long interview so if you like to read me wittering on, do head over and say hello. You can find my spot in the Brain to Books blog tour here:‑t‑mcguire/ If you would like […]

Discover new books and win stuff!

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At loose end? Bored? Wishing you were still on holiday? Wishing you could have a holiday? Things not as relaxing as you would like? Looking for a way to escape Real Life? If any of those applies to you relief is at hand — or at least, it is if your modus operandum, escape-wise, is to bury yourself […]

MTM Talks… and talks… and talks…

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The lovely peps at Authors Talk About bravely interviewed me this morning. I suspect they didn’t realise just how well I can go on, and on, and on. It is an unfortunate reality that there are many donkeys around my neck of the woods with no hind legs. That’s right, I’ve talked them all off. It was great […]

Dipping my toe in the world of #sci-fi #romance

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Like many of the laideeeees I like a bit of romance: no squelchy bits, I prefer to imagine the squelching for myself. I’m interested in the way love affects people and that’s probably why my characters get it on from time to time. That said, I’ve never dared pitch my books as full on romance because… well… there’s […]

You can #win a #kindle (oh yes you can).

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This probably sums it up.….