Nothing To See Here

K’Barthan Shorts, Hamgeean Misfit: No 2

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(I’m cutting my own throat)

Picture of cover of Nothing To See Here, novella by M T McGuire

Audiobook read by Gareth Davies, click to listen to a sample

When the finger of fate points … duck!

It’s midwinter and preparations for the biggest religious festival in the K’Barthan year are in full swing. Yes, even though, officially, religious activity has been banned, no-one’s going to ignore Arnold, The Prophet’s Birthday, especially not Big Merv. He orders The Pan of Hamgee to deliver the traditional Birth of The Prophet gift to his accountants and lawyers.
As usual, The Pan has managed to elicit the unwanted attention of the security forces. Can he make the delivery and get back to the The Parrot and Screwdriver pub in time for an unofficial Prophet’s Birthday celebration with his friends?


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