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K’Barthan Box Set: all four K’Barthan Series novels in one huge ebook

All The Pan of Hamgee wants is a quiet life…

K'Barthan Box Set Cover

So why did he have to fall in love with a woman living a different version of reality, upset a murderous tyrant and then run out of places to hide?

Now all he has to do is face his inner demons, rescue everything he holds dear and save the world, or die trying.

Oh yes, and he’s an abject coward.

Great. No pressure then..

Wondering if you’ll like it? Independent Reviewers Say…

Genuinely brilliant — I have read a lot. I loved Douglas Adams’ hitchhikers guide trilogy and nothing since has come anywhere near close until now. I am taken by surprise and was awaiting disappointment and didn’t even expect to finish the book but this is a brilliant adventure with characters that I loved and believed. Thank you.’
— Paul Roddis on Amazon about Book 1, 26 December, 2015.

It’s often said that a sequel never lives up to the original, however, in this instance that statement falls far to the wayside. Non stop action, adventure, comedy, romance, evil bad guy and a reluctant hero, it’s all here and a lot more! This followup to the K’Barthan Series opener is an absolute gem. I sat and read it in one sitting as the pace was so intense. I am confident that she (M T McGuire) will be entertaining and blowing our minds for a very long time to come.’
– Deepthought on Amazon about Book 2, 4th April, 2016.

In this book M T McGuire really comes into her own. Brilliantly written, nicely paced, it was a real pleasure to read. I enjoyed it so much I bought the fourth one as soon as I finished the last chapter. Indie publishing at its best.’
— Rick Trivett on Amazon about Book 3, 2 January, 2015. 

The author has created a world here that we want to believe in and characters we variously detest, admire or even love. It’s dotted with danger, humour, horror and romance. It’s oozing with charm but it’s not a sweet, chintzy charm. It’s charm with a side order of sarcasm and drizzled with attitude. You can’t help but be drawn in. I loved every moment.’
- Ignite Five Star Indies on Amazon about Book 4, 18 July, 2014

This whole series is absolutely amazing. I got the first one just to kill time because it is free, and i bought the other three right away. I could not put them down. I read them in every spare moment. They have a wonderful story and very relatable characters.’
- Eric Downey, Google US, 31 May, 2016.

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To borrow from your local library

All M T McGuire books are available to libraries across the UK, Australasia and North and South America in ebook or paperback format. If your library gets its books or ebooks from any of the wholesalers listed below, then in most cases, to borrow the K’Barthan Box Set, all you’ll need to do is ask your librarian. I apologise that there isn’t a print version of this one. It’s too huge to produce at the moment.

Baker and Taylor’s Axis360
Gardners: Askews & Holts (A&H) and VLeBooks one of the the UK’s largest library ebook providers, serving over 2,000 public libraries. VLeBooks service provides similar library ebook checkout services for about 400 academic libraries. Gardners is the UK’s largest book wholesaler and carry my paperbacks, too.
Library Direct.
Odilo: a global ebook supplier to over 2,000 public libraries in North America, Europe and South America.
OverDrive: OverDrive operates the ebook checkout and procurement systems for more than 20,000 public libraries around the world. 

  • Release Date: 18th November, 2016
  • Paperback: N/A
  • Publisher: Hamgee University Press (30 Sep 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 1907809248
  • ISBN-13: 978–1907809248

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