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Christmas Lites VIII

Christmas Lites VIII with a new 10k story by M T McGuire.

Christmas Lites VIII

Help support the NCADV with another amazing Christmas Lites anthology. If you like romance, we have USA Today bestselling authors in here. How about some horror? Bram Stoker nominated authors as well. Want to melt your heart with authors written from a child’s heart? We can help you there too. We have our “children’s interlude,” an entire section dedicated to our young authors.

All proceeds go directly to support the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).

Spread some good cheer and get your copy now!

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You may or may not remember the tale behind this anthology because I shared it last year. Splitter, an author friend from way back, found himself in a women’s refuge, dressed as Father Christmas with a bunch of candy canes in a sack. He was supposed to be arriving at the office party but instead, ended up doing the whole Santa malarky where he was and giving the candy canes to the people staying there.

You may also remember how his boss asked him where he’d been and how she then called him into work the next day where he found she had loaded her car with presents and how the two of them went back to the refuge with them the next day.

It’s a brilliant story, it’s human nature at its absolute best, and now every year, a group of authors join together and release a new Christmas Lites anthology to raise money for a charity which helps domestic violence victims, and which, I believe, was the the charity behind that shelter, the NCADV. It’s all the more poignant to the authors involved, now, since Splitter died of cancer a few years back so as well as the charity element there’s a dimension of doing a kindness in memory of a lovely guy. I am incredibly proud to be involved.

The logistics of getting the money made to the charity mean that the book is only available on Amazon at the moment. Hopefully that won’t be too much of a pain in the arse for users of other platforms — I can recommend the Kindle app if you have an Amazon account.

Grab your copy of Christmas Lites VIII here.

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