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Close Enough, K’Barthan Extras, Hamgeean Misfit: No 3

Close Enough K’Barthan Extras, Hamgeean Misfit: No 3

When trouble comes knocking … be out. 

As recently appointed delivery man for Big Merv, one of Ning Dang Po’s most powerful crime bosses, The Pan of Hamgee is ordered to deliver a gift to Big Merv’s current girlfriend. With a pair of bespoke-made, sapphire and diamond earrings on board, and a trip across the city in the offing, what could possibly go wrong? Everything.

Suggested cinema rating, PG. Audiobook version narrated by Gareth Davies, Running time, 2.7 hrs approx.

Wondering if you’ll like it? Independent Reviewers Say…

A wonderful mix of adventure and pathos, great writing!’ - Marc Hendrickx Amazon Com

Another great trip into the weird world of the Pan of Hamgee. - Ian Adams, Amazon UK

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  • Release Date: 18th June, 2020
  • Paperback: 18th June, 2020
  • Publisher: Hamgee University Press (30 Sep 2010)
  • Ebook ISBN-10: 1–907809-34–7
  • Paperback ISBN-10: 1–907809-33–0
  • Audiobook ISBN-10: 1–907809-45–3

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