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Is it going to fly?

You know what, I don’t know, naturally, it’s far too early to say. However, if anyone is wondering about becoming an indie publisher, which is what I believe we self-publishers are called nowadays, here’s a progress update on day four after e‑book publication.

What is success? Well, I’ve had 26 downloads on Smashwords since 18th Septenber and of them, 2 people have bought copies, or actually, they might have been free voucher copies but there are two full downloads up there anyway. Somebody’s also pre-ordered one through Amazon. I have made 3 sales. This is not success but then, my target is 50 sales in the first year, probably ever, so maybe, on my terms, it is. Certainly I am deliriously happy about it — doesn’t take much, does it?

Surely it’s all relative. If you do this, it’s about what you expect and I can imagine that if you expect to be the next JK you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Frankly, I’m under no illusion about my talent, I have some and the book’s good but I’m no prodigy and it’s not exceptional. If it was exceptional I’d have an agent.

BUT, I’m apalling at sales, which can’t help with agents. And of course, I have no extra time to go to conventions, meet agents and stalk them (which is what I’m told you have to do). I’m a full-time stay at home parent with a two year old, this ain’t gonna happen yet. Oh yeh and I’m shit at sales (did I mention that?). 

So, the beauty of this model is that I don’t need to be any good at sales. If somebody downloads it and likes it, they’ll recommend it to their friends, some may even review it. 

That’s got to be better than sitting in a drawy. If it sits on the internet at least it might sell a few copies. And all I want is for people to read and enjoy my book. I don’t care how many of them there are, a few is fine and if there are more than a few, well, I’ve got a “proven track record” (excuse me a moment while I vomit I loathe that phrase) to take to an agent or publisher later on and that’s far more likely to pique their interest than my crap sales techinque. 

I heard somewhere that only 7% of books account for over 90% of book sales and that 85% of new authors sell less than 1000 copies. 

Well, you know what, I’m sure that left on Smashwords for a couple of years, my book could manage a hundred, hence my target of 50. If it’s good and people like it they’ll recommend it to their friends. If it’s not, they won’t and it’ll bomb. 

That’s a slow burn technique so any ‘success’ on whatever level, is going to take a while but it does give me a chance to sell my book on quality rather than having to rely on my sales ability.

So right now, I’ll take 3 and be completely fucking chuffed!

I signed off the paper version today, as well and that’s a bit of a pip.

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