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Unlucky Dip coming to kindle…

The companion short to go with Few Are Chosen will be available to download on Amazon later this week. 

For those of you who haven’t read it, Unlucky Dip is about K’Barth and is the prequel for Few Are Chosen. It tells the story of how two of the main characters meet; Big Merv and The Pan of Hamgee. 

Unluck Dip is around the 3,000 word mark and initially the Kindle version will cost 99c because you can’t put freebies on Amazon. However, I am hoping that if enough people use the ‘I found it cheaper elsewhere button’ to tell Amazon it’s free on Smashwords they will follow suit and make their version free, too.

So there we are Kindle users, finally, a different MT McGuire title hits Amazon.

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