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CaveCave by Ali Cooper
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Cave is about Marty. Marty is a bit of an idiot. What’s more if he isn’t careful he’s going to be a dead idiot. As the story opens, he is trapped in the entrance to a cave, injured, frightened and alone, with no chance of rescue and no immediately obvious way out. At first even the reason for him to be marooned there isn’t immediately clear.

As the events unfold, Marty tries various ways to get to safety and when each ends in failure he returns to the same spot to take stock and plan the next one. He’s plucky, and if he’s going to go down, he’s definitely going down in flames. As he carefully rations his food and plans each attempt to get to safety he is prompted to think through events and aspects of his recent life, taking the reader through them with him.

It took me a couple of chapters to get into this book because, initially, I didn’t like Marty. It is clear, at the start, that for a large portion of his life he’s been a total git.

However, I am glad I kept going (I whizzed through Cave in a couple of days in the end) because as I began understand Marty’s personal development I began to like him a lot more. He is unfailingly honest with himself and as he starts to face up to his faults he seems vulnerable and human in a way that makes many of his less attractive traits forgiveable. He wants to make sense of his emotions and relationships but he doesn’t always get it right. This is an appealing flaw, too. His character development is subtle and beautifully drawn and as the book progressed I found that, underneath the vacuous exterior, lay a far deeper and more rounded personality than I’d expected. 

The quality of the writing is excellent, indeed, the denoument, while it works perfectly well, is effective, first and foremost, because the author has the writing skill to carry it off. 

I read the e‑book, which was very well presented and I didn’t spot any typos.

A cracking book, thoroughly recommended.

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