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The Zombie Book.

Aaargh! This is going to be the death of me! 

Once again when I think I’ve put it to bed, it rises up again. I stand my ground, steak and hammer in hand as caked with mud and bits of splintered coffin it comes lumbering after me. Yeh, yeh, over the top but I’m artistic, sunshine, I’m allowed to be a pratt.

We’re are in the home straight though. I’m using two printers, the first one has printed it and I get my copies tomorrow, hopefully — please god let them come in the morning and not at five minutes to six, after I’ve stayed in, with junior crawling up the walls all day. These are the quality ones with a matt cover, the way I would like the book to be if I had the time, skills or contacts to do the distribution thing myself.

The second is coming from Lightning Source. They’re going to print copies on demand as they are ordered through their distributor. It’s taken a while to sort that one out and despite their request that I use their template it slowed things down. They have some fonts on it somewhere which aren’t embedded and it took me a while to find a way of embedding them and making the end result Lightning Source legal when I exported my files from my dtp software to something Lightning ‘likes’.

The turn around time is quite a few days and each proof is £21… you really don’t want to stuff up or you can spend a lot of money very fast. That said, their customer serivce people are tip top, very helpful and it’s worth asking questions. I suspect production of my second book will go more smoothly. 

So, possibly one more proof from them or the right answer to a question and we’ll be done.

Could it be I am finally about to lay the Zombie Book to rest and actually launch it? Ooo I hope so! 

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