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The next one…

I am tempted to put “victim” rather than “one” there but I’m sure it’s unnecessarily negative and my ironic sense of humour may not be so prevalent, written down, as it is standing up.

Ok, so I like these people. Again they use the words, “submissions” and “welcome” in one sentence and there’s none of that “you authors are all stalking bastards but I suppose if you have to” tone to the copy.  Ten out of Ten.  I will send submission number five to them.

If there are any website developers out there… something which would really help writers and artists is a book, or a site, that was searchable by genre, the year the agency was founded and whether or not they are accepting submissions… all at the same time.

Actually (puts winging hat on) in Britain, more than a handful of agencies prepared to accept approaches by e‑mail it would be bloody marvellous.  I can understand why not though… all that paper, it would cost them a fortune and on-screen reading doesn’t work as well whatever your kindle tells you.

I am aware I could make this process a lot easier for myself if I went to places where I can meet agents face to face… but I come up against the knotty — if lovely — problem of what to do with junior while I attend these things.  Perhaps I could bring him along.  He would certainly make it memorable!  Might be worth looking into.

Finally, I got Mulcahy Conway’s details off a site called which is widely recommended.  It’s a fine example of the “excellent but…” resource.

It looks great but as usual, like everything on the net, it’s principally for Americans. They do have British agents and publishers on it too.

The idea is excellent, you can search for agents and publishers who are accepting submissions, track who you’ve queried when, etc.  I tried the search first… the publishers came up with nobody but it turned up two agents.  It even gave the name of the member of staff to approach at each agency… and then I had a look at their websites and discovered one of the two agencies it returned had closed down in 2007.


Oh well… back to the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook… aw… sod it… via Mulcahy Conway, come on!

Yeh.  Onwards and upwards.

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