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Thank you’s all round

Some kind people are giving me a bit of a plug in various forms this month so here are the details.

First up J A Clement has let me talk cobblers at her readers and you can find the results here. But don’t go there on my account, you can find a lot of far more interesting stuff on there than me blabbing.

OK, second up, I’m taking part in Mysti Parker’s 10,000 hit giveaway. So if you want Few Are Chosen in slightly more easy to read version than pdf, hop over there to Unwritten (where you will find full instructions) and have a look. There are three copies of the e‑book and a set of snurd post cards up for grabs as well. And all the authors taking part are also contributing a guest post, including me — mine’s on 22nd Dec. 

Mysti’s blog is another place where you will find a lot of blog posts which are far more interesting than mine.

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