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Here’s the blurb for The Wrong Stuff… er… the current blurb, anyway. Any comments are welcome!

Close up, The Pan of Hamgee has to admit, this knight in shining armour thing is trickier than it looks. Despite being narcotically inconvenienced by Lord Vernon, K’Barth’s despot ruler, he has managed to escape custody, switch to another version of reality and spirit Ruth; the Chosen One from under the Grongles’ noses as they tried to kidnap her. Not a bad day’s work, he reckons.

But Ruth thinks otherwise. The trouble is, she’s never met him before and because of the drugs, all he can tell her is that he’s a little teapot. She has not fallen, swooning into his arms the way he had hoped in fact, she she doesn’t seem to like him. Although he supposes rescuing her in a way that ruins her life probably hasn’t helped. 

They are alive, of course, but Lord Vernon and his Grongolian hordes are leaking into the wrong version of the universe and only the Candidate can fix it. But can they find him? And since Ruth is supposed to fall in love with him the minute the two of them meet, does The Pan want to?

It’s bound to change but least now you can make a slightly more informed decision about the beta reading thing…

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