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My sales target is not ambitious. As some of you know it’s 50. I get 50 sales and as far as I’m concerned, I’m in the clover. I won’t be making a profit, you understand, I’ll just have sold as many books as I expect to. Anything after that is gravy.

I haven’t quite finished the process with Lightning Source yet so my book is still ‘temporarily unavailable’ (ie horrendously late) on However, you can understand that I was pretty chuffed to find that I now have a sales rank. Oooooooh. It started at 400,000 and something, went up to 54,000 and something and is now down at 70,000 and something. 

The thing is, though. Any sales rank at all means somebody must have bought a copy, possibly two people… as well as my mate who bought one while I was round her house. 

I have had 200 printed by another printer for my personal use. They arrived on Wednesday. I sold one last night and two today and I have an advance order for one from about August… So, I don’t have figures for Amazon sales yet but I’ve only 45 copies to sell and I’ll have achieved my sales target! 

I’ve sent 2 out for review and one to a competition for indie authors.

I have no illusions, I’m only going to sell this to my mates to start with. If they like it, though, they might recommend it to other people, or give it to other people and it’s if THEY like it and recommend it to THEIR friends that any increase in sales will begin. 

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