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Happy and sad…

Recently I’ve experienced a small uplift in sales for my books on Amazon. It turned out that this was because somebody who’d read them and liked them had been recommending them on the Amazon forums. I eventually ‘met’ the person on a different thread and thanked them, I also said I’d send them a signed copy. If somebody doubles your sales I think that’s the least you can do.

I use google alerts and I have them primed to pick up the phrase ‘humorous fantasy’. Sure enough, this evening I got one containing the phrase which was actually about my book. This same person was recommending my book and a couple of people jumped in and accused him of being me, got personal about his name and were generally crabby.

I don’t like bullying but I especially don’t like it if people get bullied for doing something that is actually rather nice.

If I thought it would do any good I’d say something on the thread but that will only convince them it was a sock puppet or that he was posting at my behest. Luckily it didn’t upset the person who posted but it strikes me as all a little bit sad.

On the other hand, that somebody has bothered to go round recommending my book, without any prompting from me, is lovely…

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