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Progress on Konrath Lite. E‑Book Pricing 3

I thought I should start numbering these posts.

Well, here’s an interesting thing. I think I mentioned that when I dropped the price of Few Are Chosen in December I immediately sold a handful of copies. I sold a slightly larger handful in January but the sales stopped immediately when I upped the price to £1.50 uk and $3.00 us.

After 10 days, I caved in and dropped the price to £1 in the UK and $2 in the US and guess what. IT MADE NO DIFFERENCE! Yep, that’s right. None, nada, zilch. I made one more sale and that was it. Now, I know I’ve only given it 5 days so far but my 7 December sales came between 28 December and the end of the month…

So, my theory is this. The 99c brigade have downloaded so many books that, like an anaconda after a large meal, they will be inactive for a while — possibly for some months — while they digest what they have rapaciously gobbled up. So I think that perhaps, what I am experiencing now is genuine sales… my realistic number probably is about 4 a month in the UK, 1 or none, in the US.

I know I should ‘feed the machine’ but that’s tricky when you’re a full tiime parent with a two year old in tow. There are glaciers that move faster than progress on my next novel but then I write on 4 hours a week so I can’t expect too much and there IS movement.

Book 2 is close to being in the bag, trouble is, I think I will have to finish book 3 before I publish it. Yes peps, I think we’re looking at 2012 for book 2 but book 3 may follow it in 6 months.

Hmm… perhaps, poor sales are doing me a favour. After all, at least it takes the pressure off!

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