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Rejection Number 1

My first application to an agent has been rejected. I am unsurprised and I am surprisingly unmoved. What does make it a bummer, though, is that they seem to be excellent types and have about the only website that talks to unpublished writers as if they are people rather than a trying nuisance!  It’s also a bummer because it […]

April 16, 2009

Tumble weed

Yep, it’s blowing through here. Blame Easter! Have just discovered an interesting site here worth a pop if my current agency submission doesn’t pan out. I recently subscribed to the Oxford Writers newsletter, so thanks to Stephanie Hale, there, for that one!

April 14, 2009

A little babychaos

A week ago, having finished my submission for a literary agent, honed it, toned it and generally agonised over it my Sister In-Law — who works in publishing — kindly volunteered to read it. Seeing the enormous size of my synopsis — it’s a complicated plot — she recommended I ring the agency I was approaching to check if […]

April 7, 2009

Marketing my book

Hmm… well on the advice of my sister in-law who is wise in the ways of publishing, I have set up a blog to go with my novel.

She also suggested myspace and facebook pages would be good and they would, my target audience is young adults and they love all that stuff.  However,  Myspace and Facebook are not intuitive things to me so will take hours I don’t have to set up.  A blog on the other hand… well, yeh, that comes naturally to me!

April 4, 2009

The first hurdle…

I need to find an agent because, amongst other reasons, I’m shit at sales. Trouble is, I need to write a shit hot sales letter to get an agent.  Enter my smashing sister in-law who works in publishing and is on the case. Emily, take a bow. Some meaningful and helpful thoughts about this coming later… I hope.

March 29, 2009

Something Novel…

Yeh, as the title says, my novel! Terry Pratchett’s right, writing really is the best fun you can have on your own. Ok so I’ve finally written a book which I don’t wish was written by somebody else, so now to sell it… this blog is here so you can follow me on my journey to literary… […]

March 29, 2009