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One of those days…

Have been having a “why do I bother week” I’ve been a bit pre-menstrual, frankly so I thought I should try to cheer myself up by submitting my book somewhere.

It all came to a head today when they closed the road which is the only way out of our house.  We had a tiler and an electrician on site and the roadworks guys were kind enough to let me and mini-me out — and in- but we had to go in the spouse-mobile because the tiler’s van was blocking the garage and… yeh you can see what’s coming next. That’s right.   When I came back I managed to prang the spouse-mobile on the tiler’s van.  Mwah ha ha haargh.  Double jeapordy.  Luckily the tiler has decided the scrape is spouse-car paint and will be giving the van’s wheel arch a t‑cut this weekend rather than informing his insurers.  I will therefore pay spouse to have scrape fixed and hopefully all will be fine and dandy.

But you can see I needed cheering up or at least to feel I’d done something to try and earn myself some money to pay for the new, scratch-gone treatment for spouse-mobile.

Hummed and haad about approaching another agent but it’s tricky… you see, I sort of get the impression my book is the antithesis of everything an agent would like…

You can describe it like this:  Take something like Terry Pratchett or Jasper Fforde, add a little J K Rowling a few spoonfuls of the Hobbit, a James Bond car, a sprinkling of PG Woodhouse,  a pinch of Douglas Adams and a splash of Narnia. Mix well and enjoy.

This kind of stuff appeals to a broad audience but my feeble research would suggest that authors who combine the pariah genres of sci-fi or fantasy with comedy don’t tend to get picked up by the literary establishment until their books are already selling… or unless the BBC has taken the risk and the book is an adaptation of their successful radio programme… and I would write something mainstream if anything normal ever came out when I sat down at the keyboard.  It doesn’t though because I write, like I read, to escape.

So I thought I’d try a small publisher, obviously hoping that they’ll see my huge talent the way that other one saw Terry Pratchett.

I’m pointing you to their site because the tone is spot on.  Yes, these are exactly the kinds of people I’d like to work with.  Fingers and toes crossed then. Go here for a gander.

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