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Not writing… and a random act of kindness

I’ve just spent a diverting afternoon building a green ride on tractor. It was like assembling the contents of a huge Kinder Egg.

I’d also went into Scarlett shoes in Bury St Edmunds today to drool over their winter stuff I know this sounds like an advert but run with me, OK? I’d mentioned my book when I was in there buying fit-flops a few months ago and I’d promised to bring them a copy. So, I took one with me — to give them rather than sell them — but bless her the girl behind the counter, today, asked how much it was and paid for it. So thank you, Lauren, for that random act of kindness. 

So do visit their website here or make them your friends on Facebook… except I’ve no idea how you do that. 

Anyway, there we go.

MTM sales target: 50
MTM sales so far: 38 and one e‑book!

Ooooo I’m so excited.

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