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New Blog Spot. Room 101.

Calling Writers and Readers who would like to take part in a bit of light internet entertainment… 

Readers: Do you want to take part in an intearctive-ish weekly blog feature?

Writers: Would you enjoy raising your profile with a completely frivolous and essentially pointless guest post with a difference?

If you would, Room 101 Old Skool might be the thing for you.

Here’s some more information. There’s a TV programme here in Blighty called Room 101. It’s based around a room in Orwell’s 1984 where people are taken during torture to confront their worst fears (see here for the general gist). So, it’s a room where all sorts of things, that people would rather didn’t exist, are kept. 

As a Radio or TV show the Room 101 format goes like this: a celebrity guest chooses five items they’d like to see consigned to Room 101 for ever and the host then decides which items go in. If the guest manages to get four or five out of five, they get to put something else in. If they only get two or less they have to allow one of their items out again.

As a weekly blog feature, I thought we could work it like this:-

Authors: Each week a different one of you will be my guest and choose five items you would like to see consigned to Room 101 for ever. They could be pieces of music, things, people… pretty much anything. You will write up your choices, numbered one to five, in a short article and say why you would like to see them consigned to Room 101 for ever. You are allowed to give me a quick 30 word biog and a link to your website or blog and up to three places where we can buy your books.

Readers: If we get enough followers and I can sort out how to do voting buttons you, yes YOU peps, can vote yes or no, over the course of the week following the post on whether or not each of the items suggested goes into Room 101. Even better you could post comments saying what you have voted and why. 

At the end of the week I will post the results and depending on how well they’ve done, the Author will get to put a bonus item in or will have to choose which item to let out. Then it starts all over again. Actually doing this every two weeks would probably be smarter. 

Does anyone like the idea of this? Would any of the authors here like to sign up? Your comments please…?

Oh and rest assured you’ll get loads of publicity. This blog has literally tens of visitors every month (mwah ha hahargh) although it has occured to me that if this feature took off your Room 101 posts, at least, would probably would get quite a lot more.

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