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Happy? Smug? Ecstatic? Yeh! I’ve just signed off the paperback proof of The Wrong Stuff.

On a slightly, but only slightly, less manically gleeful note. Simon Royale over at the esteemed Indie Reads has been kind enough to interview me. So if you’d like to have a look at the interview, not to mention the rest of the site, there are articles, reviews and author profiles, do check it out. Here is the link to the interview.

On a slightly annoying note, The Wrong Stuff is absolutely bombing on It’s not the bombing that’s getting to me, it’s the reasons being given. I’ve noticed the quality of the stuff on there isn’t as good as last time so I suspect the words ‘self published’ at the top are not doing it any favours but I’ve just had a comment from someone who thinks a kirbygrip is an adjective.

Now, I’m not expecting everyone to ‘get’ my stuff but the fact is it’s written for my home market. If other people like it great but like Dr Who, it’s British and yeh, it’s going to contain British products and words which other nationalities might not have heard of. However, I’m sure if I’d mentioned Hershey’s or Twinkies or something this particular reader wouldn’t have had a problem. I’m not aware that writing for the British market is actually a fault and that kind of irritated me.

The way I see it, my stuff will never sell big in America but then, neither does Dr Who. Don’t get me wrong, American folks, any sales I get in your fair land are lovely but I’m English and I write British. It’s one of the good things about my writing and one of it’s weakensses, too but I can only write about who I am and what I know.

Page 99 of The Wrong Stuff falls at the end of what I think is quite a good scene. Now I’m re-reading the page again and again in the light of what people have said and I just don’t get it. Have I turned into Arrogant Writer Bastard — Arrogant Thick Writer Bastard at that, or are they just seeing the phrase “self published” at the top and looking for reasons to say it’s crap. The standard has certainly slipped over the last 18 months. I’ve not turned a page, myself but…

I’m confused… I just hope this is not an over confident author blinded to any faults in their writing. have I lost my judgemental mojo? It’s… worrying.

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