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More Thoughts About KDP Select

As you know, I opted in to KDP Select with a short to try it out. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

1. Nobody’s going to borrow a short or at least not an actual short story short (4,000 words) like mine. They have a limited number of borrows so they’re going to save them for a full length book, a collection of shorts or a novella.

2. A lot of people have found that after their free days they are in the top 300 or whatever and their novels stay there, garnering a lot of paid for downloads afterwards. So far, this hasn’t worked for the short.

3. What HAS worked is the conversion rate, which seems to be that if you give out a freebie teaser you get about 2 or 3 sales for every 100 downloads. This is exactly what has happened with my short.

4. It is becoming blindingly apparent that for all the downloads and even buys of my stuff that hardly anyone is reading it. The last person to review the novel posted 6 months ago and the last review of the short was from September 11. Not sure what the solution for that is, my work is humorous fantasy, people have to be forced to read it at gun point at the best of times. Annoyingly, they often love it afterwards.

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can persuade people to review either the short or the book I’d be very chuffed to hear them. I don’t like to be pushy so at the moment I just ask and leave it at that.

5. As to whether I’ll sign up to the next round of KDP Select, the answer is no, not with the short. I might try it with the first novel in the trilogy and see if that peps sales of the second one when it comes out in April.

So um… there you go, there’s me rambling thoughts anyway.

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