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A big thank you to Nigethan Sathiyalingam at The Bookbag for reviewing Few Are Chosen. He gives it four stars and as a teenager he is a member of my official target market, so I am very pleased.

I was interested to read that he didn’t like the cover. Here you are now, readers, tell me (honestly) what do you think? Stick your oar in and have your say!

Any cover I use has to be something simple that will work as a very small gif on an e‑book site and as a paperback. I know this one’s marmite, you love it or hate it. Although, so far less people have hated it and more have liked it. The guy at my local Waterstones loved it, the guy at the local independent bookstore said “with this cover, no”.

Anyway, I’m wittering on, you can find a copy of the review here.

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