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The art thing continues. Here’s the latest batch of character sketches. I’m still working on a Hard-Day’s-Night-cover-style look at them which is why I’ve been adding side views. I think a couple of these may have to be redone and I may have to do Denarghi, General Moteurs and Gladys and Ada’s Trev. Nonetheless, here are the latest.

First up, The Pan of Hamgee, wearing the hat.

Next a very poor attempt at The Pan of Hamgee, sideways. I’m not sure why it hasn’t worked, I think it may be the angle of his head.

Side view of Ruth — confession, I don’t seem to be able to draw spectacles side on.

Finally, The Pan of Hamgee from behind. Well, he has eyes in the back of his head so he gets an extra shot.

Next, Lord Vernon, sideways — I’ve altered the front view too so he looks merely evil, now as opposed to strange (the left eye is still a bit wrong but better than it was).

Finally, Big Merv, sideways… hasn’t worked so well this one. I think maybe his neck needs to be thicker.

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