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Well, today was a day of contrasts.

This morning small man had a temperature so I kept him off school.

Once dosed up with stuff to bring his temperature down I put him in front of a Thunderbirds video to relax while I washed up and pottered in the kitchen.

Within minutes, he had dragged his plastic ride in car to the kitchen doorway and announced he was going to work, but that he’d be back in time for japes and to say good night before bed (this is usually what McDaddy says). Off he went.

Then a few minutes later he appeared in the doorway again and announced he had “come to do a meeting”.

I see,” I said. “Come on in then.”

This is my work.” he said as he got out of the car and strode imperiously into the kitchen. 

Who are you having the meeting with?” I ask.

Mr Tiger. He must go up here so he can listen,” he explained as he lobbed Mr Tiger upwards onto the island. 


We are having the meeting now. This is my job.”

I see. What do you do?” I asked.

I work.”

Yes but what do you do at work, what is your job.”

Oh I see…” pauses for thought. “I do this.” he says, running up and down on the spot. “As you can see, I am very busy.” Then he told me the meeting was over and got back into the car and left.

Four hours later, after a very amusing lunch out the poor little chap has a temperature of 104 and is being sick. It’s back down to 102 now, so I am hoping he will be better in the morning.

The other day he saw a World Wild Life panda collecting box, you know one of the old 70s style.

Look a bear.”


It is a special bear. It has a hole in it’s head.”

So it does.”

And the baby bear has a hole too.”

That’s so people can put the money in.”

Ah I see.” He did a lot of energetic looking, Charlie Chaplin style bending over at the waist, straight legged and examining things close up etc and then he said. “Look. A box for the money.” He bent down and looked closer. “But it is locked. We can’t get in.”

No. The money’s not for us.”

Ah yes, of course it’s for the bear.”

At this point the woman behind me in the queue started to laugh and remarked that it was a very chatty young man, I had with me. I told her this is my life 24/7 although actually, he does stop asking questions when he’s asleep. 

He’s a real poppet though. I do hope he’ll be feeling better in the morning.

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