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Being 3 and a half, McMini is interested in the idea that some people are girls and some are boys. However, everything seems to be male.

So, we have Mr Cat, who is actually a girl and referred to, correctly as ‘she’ just incorrectly as ‘mister’ cat.

We have my friends, Roe and Hayley who are referred to as ‘Uncle Roe’ and ‘Uncle Hayley’ and there was ‘Uncle Linda’. 

Then again, I, too, am a lady ‘uncle’ to my 3 year old Nephew so it’s clearly a developmental thing. It’s funny though.

Unfortunately, our catchphrase still seems to be.

Look Mummy! I picked a bogey and I eated it.”

I am trying to teach him that if he is unable to resist searching for clinkers he should, at least, try to be subtle. So far it isn’t working — but then a small boy’s idea of subtle does tend to be at variance with that of the adults round him. He is still giving his combine harvester coins so that it can, ‘do a huge smelly snake pooh.’ too. 

Hmm… Perhaps my parenting skills are at fault here.

Then again, if you read Terry Pratchett’s Snuff… yeh well, he’s got the mind of a small boy absolutely bang to rights. My small boy, anyway. 

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