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A couple of purlers from McMini this week which I thought I would share with you.

Wee man has a combine harvester, all very ritzy with a hopper on top and a realistic grain chute. Some bits work quite well some are just for show. There’s a door an the back, inside the grain hopper which opens but it doesn’t go anywhere, or at least only inside the model, luckily if you drop anything in there it comes out of the back.

Mini man asked me to remove a plastic monkey which was jammed in this door. I did so and noticed there was a lot of stuff rattling inside the combine, which is called Frank.

What’s in here?”
“The things he has eaten.”
“I see. Shall I get them out?”
“Yes please.” 

I shook it about a bit and the ‘eaten’ things began to fall out, some fridge magnets, a tiny playmobil plastic cup, the inside of a felt tip, some paper, a lot of lego bricks a plastic parsnip, a small piece of chocolate coin which McMini ate with alacrity…

Hmm… shall we declare a moratorium on putting things inside Frank only they’re rather difficult to get out.”
“No. A‑cause he has to eat them so he can do a pooh.”
“OK well, shall we give him these small, easily retrievable things to eat and throw the rest away.”
McMini pauses for thought.
“Alright.” He shoves the rest back in and wheels the combine from one end of the room to the other. “Look!” he shows me the trail of detritus left in Frank’s wake. “See! He has done and enormous pooh.”
I was laughing too much to reply.

Yesterday. Getting him dressed.

Mummy, I have some very good advice for you.”
“Do you, that’s great, what is it?”
“When you do a huge pooh it is a good idea to always wipe your bottom.”

Sadly, since my sense of humour never quite got out of the lavatory, I find all this hugely amusing!

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