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As we trundle happily towards the end of K’Barthan 2 I am having a bit of a crisis. I’m going to put my head down and write it through to the end but at the moment, I don’t seem to like a thing I write. Everything needs work and everything is, well, frankly a bit crap. I wonder why this is. Maybe, like any other drug, writing produces the odd bad trip. I wish it was that simple. 

It’s difficult to tell if my current writing is sub par or if my standards have gone up and left my skills behind. Or maybe I am just being a bit ambitious with what I want to achieve and I have to wait for my ability to catch up. The last scene of the book was always going to be difficult and I know I’ve set my sights high. Lots of people in one place, I seem rather less capable of managing a group conversation writing than I am taking part in a real one. At the moment the basics are there in the group scene but it’s not very convincing. Other scenes with just one or two characters in are easier and work much better.

Mmm group conversation. ‘Bit of a killer. Presumably it will come together eventually but at the moment it’s a bit well… flat. Sigh. 

There must be loads of other writers out there who get this. At the moment I’m just writing the bits that come to the surface and while I know it will gel eventually, it usually does it a bit quicker than this. I am not a patient person. Will I have the first draft finished by Christmas? Not sure. We’ll see. Oh well. Fingers crossed.

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