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Learning From the Angst…

What have I learned? That to publish a book, you need to do two things above anything else.

THING ONE — Hire a copy editor.
THING TWO — Hire a proof reader.

THING ONE does not necessarily negate the need for THING TWO, however many typos they pick up.

I have read my book 17 times — yes, one seven. Even so, the first conversation I have, when I show it to many adults tends to go like this:

Reader — “Has it been proof read?”
MTM — “Yes (insert number here) times and counting.”
Reader — “Oh right, only, I found a few typos in it.”.
MTM — “Oh dear, can you remember where they are?”
Reader (except in a couple of notable cases, my father in-law, for example) — “No.”

Thank you then, to Francis Poretto, who has bravely volunteered to read it and actually tell me where the typos are! A truly kind soul, as well as a fine writer in his own right, he deserves your support (as well as a round of applause) so if you want to give him a pip why not visit him here or here . Even better, when you get there, if you have the time, do read something and if you can, comment on it! We writers like feedback.

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