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K’Barthan Trilogy 2 Cover

Yep, if you want to see, here it is.

Front Cover of The Wrong Stuff, K'Barthan Trilogy Part 2

Cover for The Wrong Stuff

I’m very pleased with this… and just in case you’re interested here’s the back. I’m still working on the blurb but it’ll go on a dark green bit which is out of this shot.
The Back of The Wrong Stuff
Yeeeeee! This is so exciting. 

Other fab things this week, I sent the manuscript off for a second edit yesterday (wahoo).

I also popped into the other branch of Big Corporate Bookshop in my town, the new store. The reaction was just a tad different. I explained I was a lcoal author and they ordered a couple of copies of Few Are Chosen on the spot.

The guy talked about tieing it in with a press campaign, book signings etc. He explained book signings happened in the sister store and asked if the book was on sale there. So I had to come clean. I explained that the chap responsible in the other store had read it but said if he didn’t feel really into something he couldn’t sell it, that he loathed fantasy at the best of times and that he wasn’t into my book… I kind of respect that.

The chap in the new store clearly didn’t. “Then he’s a f*****g idiot.” Is how he actually put it. So, I’m thinking that maybe with my multiple editing and lush new covers I should go back into the older store and see if I get a different reaction.

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