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Kathy Lette says she admires me!

Yeh and even though she doesn’t know who I am, it feels good!

In an interview  on the writers and artists yearbook blog she was asked what female novelists she admired and said this:

All female novelists who are also mothers. We should all just get a Booker Prize for finishing a book.”

The rest of the article is a great read, too — you can find it here but that particular bit made me feel all warm and fuzzy. And next time I am trying to sort out a problem with a plot in my head, while I am trudging up (0r down) the stairs with the latest clean (or dirty) mountain of washing to attend to; followed closely by small, huffing, puffing, scion carrying a large (full) plastic milk carton in each hand (cartons which are making worrying is-that-milk-going-to-stay-put-in-there-or-it-going-to-leak-out gurgly noises) I will think of that and feel part of a weird sisterhood of mother writers!

Mmm… Isn’t that a pip?

So, Kathy Letts thank you, thank you!

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