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It had to happen…

Travelling with a small, honest, noticing McMini it was only a matter of time before we got encountered a cringe factor situation. Travelling to MTM’s place of origin it finally arrived. 

We waited until after commuter time but even so the train was rammed. However, we found a place to sit opposite a very nice middle aged couple. McMini was having a fidgety day so it was like trying to contain a bag of ferrets for an hour or so and the lady opposite us got kicked in the knees more than once. She was very nice about it and I made McMini apologise but I was quite relieved when the train pulled into Kings Cross.

Her husband reached up to get their bags from the rack and McMini looked up, all angelic blonde curls and beatific smile and said,

Look! He has got big ears.”

I put my hand hurriedly over my mouth, partly in horror and partly to stifle the escape of a nervous guffaw.

I’m so sorry.” I said.
“Don’t be silly, it’s true.” said the woman and luckily she laughed which meant I could and proceeded to do so until I cried.
“What did he say?” asked the man.
“Nothing dear.” said his wife, cheerily adding something I can’t quite remember but basically along the lines of, “they may be big but luckily they don’t always work that well.”

The moral of this story is… actually I don’t know what the moral is and even if there is one, I doubt it matters.

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