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I just wanted to say a word about Goodreads. Recently the wheels have slightly fallen off the Amazon forums and a lot of people have decamped there.

There are two places, they’re at especially.

The first lot are the Amazon Kindle forum and you can find them here.

They very kindly started a blog thread, which is handy for obsure and unknown authors like me so having listed myself there, I think the least I can do is list them, here. Go check them out, they’re friendly fun and generally welcoming. I like my blog clean and uncluttered but it does make reciprocal links difficult! I can see a links page coming soon when I’ve got time to sort them out properly.

Second group I’d like to plug is creative reviews. They’re also at Goodreads and I confess I find I spend a bit more time there than at the Amazon Kindle Forum… I’m not sure why although all these things tend to hang on where you start I suppose, if you are drawn into a conversation straight off, which I was there, it’s probably easier. Anyhow, do check them out as well. You can find them here

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