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People who bought this also bought… Cluster KDP Select freebie group?

OK so I’ve been thinking, yeh, I know, if I keep practising it might become a habit. But… thinking about KDP Select… First up, I should say that ‘Prime’ is just fast postage in my country. Nothing else. So in many ways I doubt the lending will make a difference.

However, I do see a value in the people who bought this also bought which tends to get you extra sales after a freebie, I am told.

Thing is, in my case it doesn’t. So I’ve been thinking, yeh, I know, if I keep practising it might become a habit. But…

I have a short on Amazon in the KDP Select scheme. It is a fantasy fiction, humorous, YA story which introduces readers to two of the main characters in my novel. The idea is that it points people to my book which, in an ideal world, they then buy, for the princely sum of £1.50 because they liked the free short.

The short is in KDP select and one of the benefits of this is that I can make it free for up to 5 days in any 3 month period. I’m hoping to capitalise on that and yes, I’m also hoping that one of the features is that it slips you into the whole readers who bought this also bought…

So a lot of people ‘buy’ my book when it’s free, which is great but many of them tend to be looking for other free books rather than any particular genre. This knackers the ‘people who bought this also bought’ algorithm. These other freebies don’t always fall into any related genre to mine; YA, humour or fantasy which means that the Amazon algorithm doesn’t always get primed to recommend my book to the most appropriate groups of readers.

I’m not 100% sure if there is a way round this but what if all writers in similar genres got together in clusters and set two or three days in each KDP Select 3 month cycle to make their book free? Then we could shout about it and see if we could get recommended a bit more accurately afterwards.

At the moment the entry for my novel on (the dead tree version) says people who bought this also bought the works of L Ron Hubbard. That’s not really the right audience and I suspect the people who have been recommended my work on L Ron Hubbard’s page are somewhat bemused to find my book recommended to them.

That makes me wonder about whether clusters of similar authors having promotional days at once might help. If enough of us did it, the random freebie folks might end up downloading more books in a similar vein and Amazon would be more likely to hit the right audience with its recommendations.

So, if a group of us set, say, two or three days for cluster fantasy/sci-fi/humour/ya freebies over a 3 month period would anyone like to join in?

Do you think it might tip the algorithm and make its recommendations a bit more pointy? I’m wondering if it might at this early stage.

Sorry this is probably as clear as mud but I’d welcome your thoughts.… anyone?



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