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Bla bla blurb.

Here is another go at a blurb for The Wrong Stuff.

If anyone is willing or able to offer feedback please feel free. I’d be delighted. I’ve two big questions.

1. Obviously, the first is what do you think?
2. The Wrong Stuff refers to something the male lead, The Pan of Hamgee, says about himself “I’m made of all the wrong stuff for heroics” But I’m thinking of calling it “Pick Another”. What do you think?


The Pan of Hamgee has to admit that close up, the knight in shining armour thing is trickier than it looks. Despite being narcotically inconvenienced by the Lord Vernon and his Grongle hordes The Pan has managed to escape their custody, switch to another version of reality and foil their attempts to kidnap Ruth, the Chosen One. Not a bad day’s work, he reckons.

However Ruth thinks otherwise. She may be the woman of The Pan’s dreams but when they are chased and nearly killed by Lord Vernon it becomes clear The Pan is not the man of hers. In fact, she she doesn’t seem to like him at all and it doesn’t help that, until the drugs wear off, all he can tell her is that he’s a little teapot.

Ruth wants to get her life back but it looks unlikely. Lord Vernon is determined to hunt her down and unless she can persuade the Candidate to pick someone else he will not stop pursuing her. But the Candidate is in hiding and nobody knows where he is. Together, The Pan and Ruth set out to find him but will they succeed and, seeing as Ruth is supposed to fall head over heels in love with him, the moment the two of them meet, does The Pan want to?

Any feedback gratefully received!

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