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Remember I told you about this site

Hmm… well, having read quite a bit of stuff — some of which I enjoyed and some of which was literary fiction (and therefore antithesis of anything I would choose to read — except at gunpoint) I’ve had three reviews of my excerpt.  They are all useful but for a consensus I need a few more, really…

Every time I review something, the site sends out my excerpt for someone else review… and each time the bastards wait 24 hours and say no.  It does confirm that I’m selling it badly but then I already know I’m shit at sales — that’s why I’ve been trying to find an agent.

If I stop writing reviews, the site appears to stop sending my excerpt out for other people to review… (presumably my submitting a review is what triggers each invitation to review mine) so like all these things, I’ll have to devote a lot of time to it to get anything.  Arse, I thought I’d found a pukka quid-pro-quo.

I don’t think I can wade through the amount of literary fiction required to get the crits required for a balanced view.

Ok, so look, there’s an excerpt on here… have a look, tell me, is it really that shit?  Because, for the first time in my life, and in 12 years of trying to write a decent novel, I truly believe it’s not.

Sigh.  That concludes the winging for the Bury St Edmunds jury.

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