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Box 010 Results: Number 8, David Haywood Young

Hello everyone.

Last week’s special guest was David Haywood Young, who has two novels published; a supernatural mystery and a romance/mystery with a bit of Gypsy ghost story, along with a book of short stories which he says are ‘mostly strange’ and therefore, in my view almost certainly to be recommended. He’s been running a giveaway on his site so I hope you all went over there and tried out his books, for free. Keep ’em peeled for his a new book, too, will be out in a few weeks. So, without more ado, David, here are your results.

You got two of your five items into Box 010 and, ladies and gentlemen, while I’m writing, I’m afraid I have to censure you. When you get a list of pet hates with well… lists on it, it’s a pretty piss poor effort when it doesn’t get voted- Ah, yes, right, I see. On second thoughts thank you for not voting lists and therefore Box 010 into Box 010.

Congratulations David for persuading us all to vote for two of your items these are:-

  1. Mathematics.
    I’m rubbish at Maths, which means there’ll be one less thing I’m bad at out there, which means I get to look good. Thank you.
  2. The Rule of Law.
    Yes, in it goes.

David, thank you so much for joining me and taking part in Box 010. Next week, Lynda Wilcox will be attempting to persuade you to hurl her pet hates into the abyss that is Box 010 and sellotape down the lid.



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