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Yes, another kindly soul has let me loose on his blog. If you don’t follow the Story Reading Ape then you really should. He carries news, views and information for indie authors on his blog (as well as bananas). Today, I’ve bent his readers’ ears about my books, which I have a rather egocentric tendency to do, given the chance. A lot.

As usual the rest of the blog is a lot more interesting than my bit so I can recommend checking it out. ‘My’ bit is here.

Also, a quick reminder to anyone in the Diss, Norfolk area on Saturday that the kind souls at Diss Publishing Bookshop will be letting me lurk on their premises between 11.00 and 1.30 on Saturday — this Saturday that ever was — and devaluing my books by scribbling in them. I’m looking forward to it but also a little bit nervous. If they’ve been kind enough to put their faith in me I am keen to repay it by selling some books. Anyway, for more about the signing, click here.


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