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Are You Sure Your Fantasy World is Original

Of course you bloody are! You made it up yourself, right? Well, er… no, not necessarily. It is perfectly possible somebody else has had the same idea as you without your knowing. So, here are some ways to check.

1. The trademarks register. Always smart to make sure it isn’t trademarked, if your world’s name is also a make of toothbrush, fine but if it’s Discworld™ it’s a bad call. 

2. Google it. Yes and then look on wiki for good measure. My world was called Yarth, I found it mentioned in several places as what looked like part of a new age religion. Then I found it was part of Dungeons and Dragons. Mmm, nearly dropped a bit of a clanger there.

3. Don’t mention other people’s trade marks. You have to ask them for permission and they’ll say no. For example, don’t keep describing your baddie’s wheels as a “Mercedes”. A, they’re not and B, Mercedes is a German firm owned by Americans. Xenophobic as it may sound of me to say so, that doesn’t paint a picture of a forgiving bunch with a sense of humour. They would sue my first and ask questions later.

4. There is no thing four.

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