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Ah… Drawing Your Characters

By actual trade, I’m officially an artist. So… I thought I would try and draw some of the characters from the K’Barthan Trilogy. Anyone out there tried to do that with your writing? Yeh, well approach it with caution.

It’s my book so I’m probably too close to it. I started with the hero of the piece because he’s the most vivid in my head. And what do I get? Cliff Richard’s gay younger brother… or David Tennant’s equally gay first cousin…

Oh how I wish I could draw people. I can draw most other things — in a certain light, fluffy M T stylee — like ringing a bell but people? Nope, like pulling teeth. So, if you needed cheering up, here’s my abominable effort to produce of a likeness of The Pan of Hamgee. He looks OK in a rough pencil sketch but then it starts to go wrong.

Here’s the pencil effort…

The Pan of Hamgee in Pencil

First attempt at the Pan of Hamgee

Then we move to pen and ink. The best comic book art is very spare, just a few lines to convey the facial features, expression and character… Maybe I’ve selected the wrong lines… maybe it’s because the shirt should be purple, green and blue paisley. Whatever it is, I’m not sure about this.

Still The Pan of Hamgee in colour

The Pan of Hamgee in glorious technicolour

What’s really weird is that they actually look quite good upside down? The right way up? No? Upside down, lovely.

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